Landlords Residential Protection Insurance Quotation

Complex/Resort Name:
Complex Address:
Your Unit/Apartment Number:
$30,000 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000
Level of Contents Cover Required

Total Payable (Including all fees & charges):
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*Note: depreciation applies to claims for fusion of motors over 5 years old, damage to items which are second-hand or over 10 years old, and damage to fabrics including carpets and curtains.
Standard Cover Inclusions:
Malicious Damage & Theft by Tenant Covered to full contents sum insured
Cyclone Damage Covered to full contents sum insured
Fusion of Motors Reasonable costs up to full contents sum insured - no kW limit (depreciation applies if over 5 years old)
Loss of Rent*(Due to insured damage or prevention of access caused by damage to neighbouring property) Up to $1,000 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks
Rent Default Not Insured
Public Liability $20,000,000

* Any settlement payable will be reduced by the amount of the Bond Monies remaining after deduction of allowable expenses.

Rent Default (cover when your permanent tenant fails to pay their weekly rent) is subject to a written Lease or Rental Agreement being in place and Bond money to the equivalent of 4 weeks rent collected.

Earthquake $200 excess
Malicious Damage and Accidental Damage $200 excess
Theft by Tenant $100 excess
Cyclone 1% of loss or damage
All other claims $100 excess
Loss of Rent 7 days from when a property becomes untenantable

Please refer to the Policy Wording & PDS for full terms & conditions of the cover provided

Please refer to the Policy endorsement
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